Young adult fiction

The Shell House

Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize


When Greg stumbles across the beautiful ruins of Graveney Hall, he becomes intrigued by the story behind its destruction. He and his friend Faith are drawn into a quest to discover the fate of Graveney’s last heir – Edmund, a young soldier who disappeared under mysterious circumstances during the First World War. 


But Greg soon finds that his investigations have a disturbing effect. His confused relationships with important newcomers to his life, Faith and Jordan, and his conflicting views on love and faith, ultimately reveal more about himself than Greg would ever have imagined … 




"Passionate and provoking" -


"Newbery writes wonderfully" - Financial Times


Available in paperback from Random House Definitions and as a Kindle edition.



Set in Stone

Costa Children's Book Award

"To handle stone is to handle the stuff of life and death, of time and change, the mysteries of the Earth itself ... "


A reader-teasing mystery in the tradition of Wilkie Collins and the Victorian Gothic novel. Fourwinds, a country house close to the South Downs, is the pride of its owner, wealthy widower Ernest Farrow. Samuel Godwin, a gullible young artist employed by Farrow as painter and tutor, is irrevocably drawn into the lives of the three young women at Fourwinds: demure Juliana; Charlotte Agnew, governess and companion, who reveals little of her thoughts and aspirations; and Marianne, the younger daughter, passionate, wilful and unpredictable. Intrigued by Marianne to the point of obsession, Samuel little suspects how thoroughly he is being manipulated.


It's not only the people who fascinate. Samuel is equally entranced by the house itself: Fourwinds, beautifully designed and furnished in Arts and Crafts style, a house to delight and surprise with the attention paid to every detail. What, though, can account for the absence of the West Wind carving, and the disappearance of its creator, the gifted sculptor Gideon Waring, whose name must never be mentioned in Mr Farrow's hearing? Awed by Waring's skill, Samuel longs to meet him and see more of his work. But when he does, he uncovers secrets that are both horrifying and dangerous to all.

"Works on every level. The plot is full of twists, the characters are multi-dimensional, and the atmosphere is electric." - Glasgow Herald.


"... succeeds so brilliantly not through sensationalism by in the virtuosity of the style." - Independent


" ... the truth unfolds with staggering consequences ... Newbery writes with grace and immediacy." - Telegraph


"Newbery's masterpiece of storytelling" - The Oxford Times


Available in paperback from Random House Definitions and as a Kindle edition.


The Damage Done

Lying had become a habit. Lying to her family. Lying to her friends. Lying to everyone.


Seventeen-year-old Kirsty has told no one about her night-time panics, and is skilled at concealing her fear of going into public places. With too much responsibility, Kirsty is given a new worry about the horses in her care - animals locally are being brutally attacked at night. When Kirsty meets Dally, living rough and giving away none of his secrets, she doesn't know whether he is to be feared or trusted.


"Newbery tells her story of a young woman's self-discovery with a quiet authority in a book that is always a page-turner but feels measured and adult as it grapples with Kirsty's insecurity." - The Guardian


"Linda Newbery quietly gets under the skin of her teenage characters with her unshowy, insightful prose." - The Telegraph


Available as a Kindle edition.

Some Other War

As servants at the Morland family mansion before the summer of 1914, twins Jack and Alice knew their place.


When war came, they knew their duty.


As Jack fights on the front line and Alice tends to the wounded, they learn the truth.


But what they cannot know is what the future holds - and who will be there to see it.


Available in paperback from Catnip.



"It's superbly written and had me gripped throughout, with its vivid descriptions and powerful message. A must-read book from a talented author." - Parents in Touch


"I had forgotten just how good Some Other War is ... This is a powerful story of war, duty and widening horizons written by an author whose ability to create and develop strong characters has been a constant throughout her illustrious career." - Jane Sandell, The Scotsman


Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal

"If I had the choice - know, or not know? - I'd have to choose knowing. It must always be better to know, mustn't it?"


When Heidigran comes to live with the Craig family, her granddaughter Hilly finds herself becoming increasingly involved with events buried deep in the past. Secrets are slowly unveiled as Heidigran becomes confused and ill. Her curious reaction to Hilly's playing of Fur Elise  and the discovery of a stray photograph lead to revelations that rock the stability of the whole family.




"Outstanding - one of this year's most compelling "crossover" reads for teenagers and adults." - Times Educational Supplement


"Displays a profound understanding of the complexities of human experience, as well as being an engrossing read with a highly sympathetic main character." - Leslie Wilson, The Guardian


Available in paperback from Random House Definitions, and as a Kindle edition.


Flightsend is Charlie's new home, whether she likes it or not. Her mother sees it as an end to all that's gone so tragically wrong, a chance for a new start.


Although Charlie believes that her mother is intent on making disastrous mistakes, she can only offer support - but who will support Charlie, with Sean cut out of their lives? An she's certain that the move to a remote, ramshackle cottage will only make things worse.


She couldn't be more wrong. This first summer at Flightsend proves to be a turning point for both of them, a summer of startling self-discovery, a summer Charlie will never forget.




"Teenage fiction at its most accomplished: thoughtful, exquisitely written and - at times - achingly sad." - The Irish Times


Available in paperback from Random House, and as a Kindle edition.