Writing Children's Fiction: a Writers' and Artists' Companion

Yvonne Coppard and Linda Newbery

Published by Bloomsbury



"... a book for anyone interested in children's books; the authors manage - with a very light touch - to pass on masses of information and ideas ... "   Wendy Cooling


Full of both inspirational and practical advice, this is an essential guide to writing for some of the most difficult and demanding readers of all: children and young people.


PART ONE explores the nature, history and challenges of children's literature, and the amazing variety of genres available for children from those learning to read. to young adults.


PART TWO includes tips by such bestselling authors as David Almond, Malorie Blackman, Tim Bowler, Anthony Browne, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Michael Morpurgo, Celia Rees, Meg Rosoff and Marcus Sedgwick.


PART THREE contains practical advice - from shaping plots and creating characters to knowing your readers, handling difficult subjects and how to find an agent and publisher when your book or story is complete.


" ...filled to the brim with so many new insights and hidden ancient wisdom about writing that I myself will be reaching for its guidance and its pleasures." David Fickling



"The trouble with a book like Writing Children's Fiction: A Writers' and Artists' Companion, is that it makes someone like me believe that they can write a children's book. It is that good, and it is above all, that inspiring... Linda Newbery and Yvonne Coppard provide loads of good advice for the budding author, based on how they themselves go about writing...Along with their own tried and tested methods, they have invited the cream of British children's authors to share their thoughts on what to do. Or not to do..."   Bookwitch 


"Coppard and Newbery give us a lively, informed, encouraging and timely 'companion' that combines the practical and the inspirational."  Oxford Times