A guide to compassionate living



Can we live without cruelty? How do the choices we make in our daily lives - what we eat, buy, use, wear or throw away - affect animals and the environment?  This is a book for everyone who wants to live kindly and tread lightly.


Shouldn't that be all of us? 


If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you won't be surprised by this venture into non-fiction for my latest book: I support various animal welfare and environmental campaigns including Compassion in World Farming, Wild Justice, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Veganuary, Authors4Oceans and the League Against Cruel Sports. I don't eat animals - I've been vegetarian for almost all my adult life and am now vegan.


My book looks at a range of topics, from cutting down on meat or cutting it out altogether to engaging with the natural world and making a wildlife garden. Also it considers ways to be an animal advocate, organisations to join and inspirational people to follow, and how to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


Where we can choose between kindness and cruelty, why would we choose cruelty?


Published by Pavilion - available from Bookshop.org.


"A gentle manifesto for much-needed change." Mathew Tobin, Oxford Brookes University


"A really profound but incredibly accessible book ... not preachy but presenting the facts and the options to live a better way ... This book should be in libraries, schools and homes." Gill Lewis, author of SKY HAWK among many other titles


"It's a really fantastic guide for how to become part of the solution not the problem. Clear, well-written and not preachy. Hats off to Linda Newbery." Nicola Davies, zoologist and author of PERFECT among many other titles


"This is the book we all need right now ... the perfect book for eco-warriors, climate-change activists and animal lovers alike. For anyone who has ever asked 'how can I make a difference?' this book is for you." Children's Books Ireland.


"This is a really important book ... thought-provoking and passionate without ever being preachy. It sends a clear message to young people that they already have the power to make a genuine difference to the world." Jon Biddle, primary teacher and English co-ordinator


"It’s clear this has been written from the heart — she’s not someone simply hitching a ride on the zeitgeist."  Michael Thorn, ACHUKA